The Effect of Breastfeeding in Children of Women Taking Antiepileptic Drugs

A new study by Meador et al published  in the November 30, 2010 issue of Neurology (Neurology 75 :(22) reported the cognitive outcomes of breastfed children of women with seizures enrolled in the NEAD study. Among  309 women with epilepsy, 42% of children ( total of 199) were breastfed.. Carbamazepine, lamotrigine, phenytoin and valproate were studied .The children were followed for three years after birth. This study did not demonstrate  any negative effects of breastfeeding during antiepileptic drug therapy on IQ of children who have been exposed to the medication by breast milk. However, it may be still early to rule out  long-term effects of exposure to antiepileptic drugs in children.

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